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Giorgio Santese Italianfashion

It was 1956, when George Santese opened his first shop in Via Trento e Trieste in Maglie (Le). With the solid contribution of Santese Lina (wife of George) and a sales area of ​​approximately 30 square meters, began immediately to be a strong point of reference for the clothing industry on the whole territory of shirts and surroundings. The business specializes in knitwear for men, women and children are treated and brands: Gran Sasso, Victoria, Teda, Maba, Elios, Lori.

Eight years later, thanks to the excellent work done in the area of ​​sales and triples with the passage of time, the shop becomes more and more credibility and professionalism in the market, until the purchase of a new local well-structured and located just opposite to the previous .

It was 1982. Absorb much of the new premises of the company and in the old place became only the underwear industry. These were the years of the new generation, Salvatore Santese (son of George), with its own entrance directs the company of choices that will be strategically important, in those years the introduction of the Trussardi signature and the Milanese designer Santese the store will be one of the most important selling points of the entire peninsula. With the entry of Francis Santese (second son), changes the entire organization. The signatures gaining ground, therefore increasing the sales area of ​​up to 800sqm. and exposure now encompasses all areas including the intimate, transforming into warehouse / store the old store.

In the jaws of assortment comes in those years, Gianni Versace, and in '92 the surface of the sale goes to the current 1000sqm. Later in the set are acquired collections of the most important Italian designers, including Giorgio Armani.

GRIS was born in 1999, the old shop back to life with a picture very innovative and diversified offer for a target very young. The brands are: Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Alessandro Dell'Acqua, Roberto Cavalli.